Advanced Visual Storytelling : 9 Week Intensive Mentorship

Learn to truly become a film-maker with your design and animation, over 9 intensive weeks.

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This final 12 week mentorship experience is about your ability to lead and organize a production from start to finish. We also ensure that you are prepared to market yourself to agencies, studios and clients.

Animation For A Cause – Thesis Film (Weeks 1-12)
Focus on Storytelling, Pre-Production & Directing.
This 12 week project is the culmination of our Mentorship Program. This is where students will create their most compelling piece of work. We want students to develop original, portfolio pieces and this 12 week production is designed to deliver one.

This is a quality over quantity mindset as you direct this film while producing every aspect of it. You will choose a non-profit (or related issue) and execute this film over 12 weeks. This is our most advanced production.

In this class you will tackle your most in depth creative briefs yet. You will engage in extensive creative development, with a focus on high quality design and animation. Your thesis project will serve as an opportunity to take your portfolio to the next level. We’ll also focus on professional development. We’ll help you build your portfolio and give you practical actions steps to begin your career.

  • Organizing a Film
  • Creative Development
  • Building a Visual Language
  • Advanced Storyboarding
  • Portfolio Building 101
  • Freelance 101


Class 3 Audit Program

If you have the basics of Design and Animation down pat, but need a strong push with improving your conceptual, storytelling and production skills, then this may be perfect for you. Ever wonder how pros come up with ideas? Or how someone stays on track time wise? We'll put on the director, art director and producer caps for 12 weeks, and explore the real world critical thinking that goes into a making successful project. After the course, you should be more confident in taking on a whole project creatively and logistically, and your work will be more considered, unique and attention grabbing.

* A screen based drawing tablet like a Cintiq is not essential, but recommended for the first half of the class.

* This class is more demanding time wise than class 1 and 2. A minimum of 12hrs a week for homework is recommended.

Submit a portfolio link to [email protected] and put, "Class 3" in the subject line.

Courses Included with Purchase

Photoshop & Illustrator 101 : A Free Kickstart Guide
Learn the foundational design tools and processes for motion in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Michael Jones
Motion Design 101 : A Free Kickstart Guide
Learn the basics of design, animation and processes of motion graphics.
Michael Jones
Live Session Archives
Insights on craft and career. The full archives for MoGraph Mentor.
Mentor Team
The Career Lab : Free Industry Advice & Interview Series
A course designed to support career development.
Michael Jones

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"The community is a huge part of the program. There is a lot of interaction, and it's a great resource for technical questions or just sharing inspiration."

- Roald Seeliger, Germany

"Getting critique from a trained professional really helps to find what kinds of things to focus on. I've had a lot of "aha!" moments when the mentor pointing things out to me."

- Wolfram Friele, Netherlands

"The mentors helped so much with creative feedback, that would force you to think critically instead of giving you the answers to a design or animation problem."

- Kyle Predki, Boston

"If you have the basics of Design and Animation down pat, but need a strong push with improving your conceptual, storytelling and production skills, then this may be perfect for you."


Next semester : May 20th 2020.

Don't wait too long to claim your seat. We are often constrained by the number of mentors who are available each semester, so limited seating may apply.

Two weeks before the semester starts we will have the full schedule of mentor time slots. If you have additional questions reach out to us at [email protected]

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