Interview Series Intro

Learning from the best often means understanding how they think. In this course you will have technical training mixed with our interview series to provide big picture insights. We feature interviews from six Disney Artists, all of whom have significant expertise and experience in designing characters. Many of these individuals also have expertise in animating characters and can give relevant insights into designing for motion.

This brief video is an introduction to the voices you will be hearing from throughout this course.

About The Artists

Cory Loftis

Cory is a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He has created a range of characters for film and games and brings years of experience and insight. He was the Character Design lead for Zootopia, and currently the Production Designer overseeing art and characters on Wreck It Ralph 2.


Bobby Pontillas

Bobby does design and animation at Disney. He is a transplant from NY to LA. He has a passion for great design, animation and story.


Michael Franchesci

Michael is an animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios, but has a background in fine art and design. His approach to making work is focused on appealing design and strong story telling.


Trent Correy

Trent is a character animator at Walt Disney Feature Animations. He is from Canada and brings a friendly approach to his work.


Benson Shum

Benson is originally from Vancouver, BC and studied at Capilano University and Sheridan College. His inspiration comes from his love of children's book illustrations, and observation of the little things in life.


Andrew Chesworth

Andrew Chesworth is an animator and filmmaker living in Burbank, CA. He has animated for Disney on such films as Zootopia, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Moana, Wreck-It Ralph, Feast, Get a Horse!, Inner Workings, and the upcoming Olaf's Frozen Adventure.