Be Easy To Work With : Jr Canest

Jorge explains how crucial it is to be good to people. Skills matter, but if you're kind of a jerk, you're not going to go far.


Here are a few highlights from the clip.

  1. Doing cool work will get studios' attention, but if they wouldn't want to hang out with you, it probably won't happen.
  2. The way you deal with others and how passionate you are about growing is super important.


"[Being good to people is] huge because sometimes it’s the attitude one student can have, not necessarily their skills, that we, for instance at Giant Ant, that we see and fall in is… you don’t have to be the best. Sometimes it’s actually more important that you can work in a team, communicate ideas, be good at what you do and always want to grow. But it doesn’t mean that have to have it all figured out. So I think it’s huge to be good to people." - Jorge Canedo Estrada

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