Yes! You made it! Welcome to Class 2 - Art Direction & Creative Execution

We are really excited to have you here.

This class is dedicated to building upon the core concepts from class 1. You will be pushed to refine your sensibilities in the areas of creative and art direction.


Expect a variety of learning materials to help you achieve your goals to become a professional motion designer.

Lessons. Throughout the modules of this class, you will find videos and demos to help you complete your assignments.

Assignments. Two style frame projects spanning roughly 4 weeks each.

Live Sessions. You’ll participate in a live session with your mentor and classmates. From 1 to 2 hours long, it’s here where you’ll discuss your projects and watch your mentor’s case studies.

Useful links & Videos. Each module will get attached with useful links and videos to support your progression.

Tracking your progress

Track your progress through the course by marking lessons as complete along the way. Lessons will be automatically marked complete when you finish watching them, or just mark 'em yourself if you're ready to move on.


Your learning journey will be full of work, obstacle and moments of doubt. But the reward will be tremendous and field with pride of accomplishment and growth.

So let’s get ready for it!!