Live Session Outline

As we move into the second week of production let's make sure we are keeping our focus where it belongs.

The goal at this stage is to find the right themes and images for your film. As you being to narrow down the options for your film, here are some questions you can ask;

  • Am I clear on the themes of my film?
  • Do I have a strong sense of the key image or images?
  • Do I have a clear vision for the tone of the images?
  • Do I have clear vision on what I want the audience to feel?
  • Do I need to look at more references to get more clarity?

We also want to make sure this film makes sense for your portfolio. At this stage of production its still possible to change directions so here are some good questions to ask relating to your personal goals:

  • Does this production fit into my portfolio?
  • Would this film sample fit into the kinds of projects I want in the future?
  • What, if any, tweaks could I make to this concept to make it more appropriate for my portfolio?