Live Session Outline

Learn to start production by asking the right questions.

This module is dedicated to helping students kick off their projects with a mindset towards problem-solving and creative solutions. The goal is also to establish what a Director is and how their role is essential to a good production. See the bullet points below for a summary of this live session.

  • Multi-Disciplinary (breaking down design, photography, illustration)
  • What is Direction?
  • What makes a great 3D Director?
  • Making a bold statement.
  • Staying in a lane.
  • Evoking a feeling. Beyond design principles.
  • Directors can explain their choices.
  • Directors are master planners, being thoughtful about each element.
  • When are you ready to direct 3D?

We will also kick off the first project and talk about this initial discovery (R&D) phase. Then a quick overview of client expectations including points such as:

  • Understanding a brief.
  • What do clients want?
  • Understanding the Intent.
  • Determining Audience
  • Planning Production/GANTT Charts