1.2 Modeling techniques for base mesh

Let's dive into modeling the first item in our Kitchen!

The stove, or cooker as Paul calls it. We'll jump right in by adding a cube to our scene and discussing the tools we need to mold this box into our final oven model.

As we go, it's important to learn keyboard shortcuts for your modeling tools, so we'll display them on screen when Paul first uses them.

Without further ado, launch your Cinema 4d and let's get to modeling!!

Video Synopsis

  • Extrusion (Control or CMD + Drag Poly Face)
  • Doodle Paint Tool for planning and design
  • Ring Selections (u + b)
  • Connect Command (alt + x)*
  • Bevel Tool (m + s)
  • View Isoparms for cleaner viewport

*Alt + X was set-up as a custom hotkey, see how to do that in this layout post

*The default Connect Command is M + M