MoGraph Mentor is a new, and still evolving, online school dedicated to training up the next generation of Motion Designers (Motion Graphic Artists).

It offers students a unique and powerful experience for a fraction of the cost of a traditional art school.

We match groups of students (maximum of 6) with a mentor, who works with them over the course of 12 week classes. There are 3 classes in the program, which spans 9 months. It's modeled after the curriculum of a traditional Art & Design University.

While this can be a big opportunity, it's not right for everyone.

If you're considering joining us, please heed these words and make sure it's a good fit for this season of your life.

The key to success is making time

First and foremost, you need to make sure you have time!

If you don't have the time to commit to this experience, you will end up wasting a big opportunity as well as your money.

Students who get the most out of the program are the ones who can carve out time each week to work on their projects, explore concepts and pitch their class with new material each and every week.

If you do the minimum requirements, you will be missing the point of the program.

We operate on the belief that the best motion designers are usually the most passionate motion designers.

The strength of the program

Our program is incredibly rare, in that, you have an on-going relationship with your classmates and mentor. It's a highly personal experience where new relationships and networks are formed.

Taking full advantage of this is about making the most of each live session. This means coming prepared with work and questions.

Our mentors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience, but they need students who are engaged and excited to make it work.

Taking full advantage of the program is about having the time to invest in it. You will get out what you put in.

Big picture concepts

It's important to understand what we are; as well as what we are not.

Online education usually takes the format of a, "follow along," lesson.

Meaning they show you, "Here's what we're going to make today," then proceed to show you how to make it.

This is not what MoGraph Mentor is built on.

Rather we say, "Here is a problem to be solved, now start finding out ways to solve it, and then show me what you got."

We want to build your ability as visual artists who can thrive in the ambiguous. We want you to learn the process of starting from broad creative briefs and creating beautiful and effective works.

Basically, we want you to build the skills you'll actually need in a job.

And we're going to work with you every step of the way, to strengthen your processes and critical thinking.

But make no mistake, this is a partnership between mentors and students.

Our mentors are going to bring it week in and week out, what we want is students who are serious about this craft and doing big things in it.

Bottom Line

Don't waste your money, or our time, by joining the program and then not committing the time to make it count.

This is a once in a life-time experience, which can truly move you forward, but you've got to make sure you're committed with your spirit and your schedule.

Make sure you have the time to commit, or it might end up being a missed opportunity, that costs you a few thousand dollars.