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Student Work : The Visual Essay

Here at MoGraph Mentor our courses are project based. We believe you learn the most by executing your original concepts. We've see many great student projects in our first several years of running classes. Visual Essay The visual essay is a Class 1 project that has students produce a film...


Having good work matters, but this matters way more.

There are a lot of people who can create good work, but not everyone has the same level of success in their life and career. Ultimately, everything in life is about relationships with other people. Can you have strong, positive relationships on a consistent basis? If not, then working in...


How to become a better Motion Designer : 7 things to focus on

Working on MoGraph Mentor and Motion Design 101 forced me to consider: How does one improve in this craft and truly excel as a motion designer? Finding the answer to this lies in considering the different components that make up the job title itself, as well as attempting to define the...


Succeeding with the MoGraph Mentor program

MoGraph Mentor is a new, and still evolving, online school dedicated to training up the next generation of Motion Designers (Motion Graphic Artists). It offers students a unique and powerful experience for a fraction of the cost of a traditional art school. We match groups of students (maximum...


10 Books every Motion Designer must have in their library

Source of this article Motion Designers fall into a category of artist that is fairly new. We are a mash-up of other traditional roles such as : Designer, Animator, Illustrator, Film-Maker, etc... Finding resources that are relevant to our highly specific job title is about veering into those...


How to lead a project in a way that will make clients love you

My goal as a freelancer was to work directly with clients. I had tried my hand at sub-contracting with studios and it wasn't a great fit for me and the life I was trying to achieve. This meant being the lead producer for clients. Throughout the last several years of leading projects and...